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The Love Portion Creative Hub was set up in June 2020 to create a convergence between creatives, business executives and high net worth individuals. It is a brand owned and promoted by The Passion8 Group.

The Love Portion Creative Hub is a social enterprise that seeks to build a sustainable flourishing ecosystem that supports and empowers local creatives.
We are focused on creating systems and facilities that enable local artistes express, create and monetize their arts.

We are a rapidly growing network with a Community of top Creatives, Business Executives, Tech Industry players and more. Our Business Model allows for integration of a hybrid creative/business system and approach that is guaranteed to attract and increase the right kind of traffic, consequently ramping up income and profitability.
Our core mandate is to curate a network of creative hubs across Africa and some select locations across the globe, to foster co-creations, collaborations and partnerships amongst local and international creatives.

Every Love Portion Creative Hub is a serene space where creatives can come in, work and/or collaborate. Our hubs are beautiful spaces for trainings, film screenings, events, staycations and other creative and recreational activities. Therefore, external production teams utilize our hubs for the creation of movies, musical videos and other audio visual contents.
Our Hubs have peculiar multipurpose facilities to meet with most film location demands. Training facilities within our hubs ensures that we are constantly and consistently bringing the creatives up to par with global best practices.
We are very artful in the concept of dynamic use of space.

Our Value Proposition

Our facilities provide for premium short let residencies, work and relaxation spots.
We have a mandate to encourage and foster collaborations amongst Creatives top businessmen and high network individuals.
We are big in creating memorable Experiences that tremendously enriches while curating event concepts and conversations that empowers.

Growth Projection

It’s the year 2025 and The Love Portion has become a resoundingly successful brand with over 50 creative hubs across the globe, partnering and empowering local creatives, bridging the gap and providing premium short let residencies and relaxation spots.
In 2030 the number of thriving creative hubs under the brand name has increased to over 250 with over 85% of the hubs located in sub-Sahara Africa.